Southern NH Christmas

Christmas is always the best time of year in New Hampshire!!! Normally, by Christmas, there is a dusting or two of snow in NH, decorations and lights on many houses. Along with Christmas comes the need to buy many gifts and the stress that goes along with it. Finding the money, the time and the energy for everything that needs to get done can be very overwhelming.  Times have changed so much in the past 25 years. Growing up in a large family, a couple hundred dollars went a long way. I always looked forward to spending time with my family, attending Church and eating a wonderful meal on Christmas, along with giving and receiving a few gifts. Now we spend the same amount on one child and it feels as though it’s not enough. Where did the sentiment of Christmas go? We need to analyze Christmas and make sure we’re emphasizing the right things. Kids need to know that this holiday is about something much bigger than presents. Let’s get back to the basics and give our children a year to remember without having to spend our life savings. Schedule time to make cookies, build a snowman, make crafts for Christmas gifts or just for fun, decorate or just spend time with your kids and make memories that will last forever.

If you are looking to buy or sell in the Southern New Hampshire area give me a call or stop by and we can discuss your options.


Virginia Kazlouskas (Gregory), REALTOR®

Harmony Real Estate, Inc.
2 Winnhaven Drive
Hudson, NH 03051
(Office) 603-883-8840 X12
(Cell) 603-620-3428

2 responses to “Southern NH Christmas

  1. Love it! Will have to bookmark your blog and visit often. I miss Christmas in NH 🙂

  2. ok, you’ve inspired me….great start!

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