Making the Move

Easily moving from home to home takes some advance planning.  If you are going to hire a company to help you should really consider two months advance notice.  Planning ahead, especially in the summer, is essential.  Most people choose to move in the spring or summer in Southern New Hampshire, because it is warmer and there is more buying and selling during those months.  On average, it is easier to find a mover in the winter and in the middle of the month because there is less activity.  Take some time and call to get estimates from moving companies or storage pods to compare pricing before making your decision.  Once you are ready to move you will need to call all your utilities companies, bank accounts, etc… Send in a change of address to the post office and for your state registrations to get your address changed on all of your mail.

You may want to have a garage sale to get rid of excess items, give items to charitable organizations, and post free or for sale items with online sites. Be prepared to start this at the first sign of moving as it will take time to get rid of the items.  Look through your items and see what you can fit into your new home and what you will actually need to bring with you.  Declutter, declutter, declutter!  From experience, if you have had something in the attic since the previous move, “Do you really need to carry it over to the next location?”  Call or stop by your local stores and get boxes for free.  Label all your boxes with items and room names to make it easier to unpack when you get to the new destination. If you have valuable items such as jewelry or electronics make sure you have insurance to cover them or consider moving or carrying these items yourself. Use up all the food items in your cabinets and refrigerator before buying any new items.  The more you buy now the more you will need to move.  Make sure to check all your items once they are delivered to make sure there has been no damage incurred and before signing off on the delivery.  It’s always best to supervise packing and unloading so that all your items are delivered safely if you can.

If you are looking to buy or sell in the Southern New Hampshire area give me a call or better yet stop on by.

Virginia Kazlouskas (Gregory), REALTOR®

Harmony Real Estate, Inc.
2 Winnhaven Drive
Hudson, NH 03051
(Office) 603-883-8840 X12
(Cell) 603-620-3428

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