About Virginia

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Virginia was born and raised in Nashua. She graduated from Nashua High School and received her Associate in Business Administration from UNH Manchester. Currently she lives with her  husband Steven and her daughter.

Virginia has worked in the family business as the Office Manager/Accountant since 1996 and received her license in 2005. Harmony is owned by her parents who have been in the industry since 1972. The company was originally located in downtown Nashua and is now located on Lowell Road in Hudson. Both buildings were handyman specials fixed up by the family. Watching the hard work of building a business from scratch gave Virginia an appreciation for those who have to work hard to get ahead.

Virginia helps struggling home owners short sell their homes with compassion and understanding as a real estate agent. The process takes stress off the owner and helps them from ruining their credit completely. Virginia sends in financials and works with the bank to extend foreclosure to get your house sold

She specializes in new construction from personal experience. Her knowledge comes from general contracting her first two homes. The challenge of taking the full responsibility for subcontractors, design, site work and interior decorations was exciting and rewarding. The 1st home was built in 2000, and the 2nd home was built in 2003. From experience, she believes “sweat equity” is rewarding. Seeing a dream come to life was one of her most satisfying experiences.

Her plans to assist many buyers and sellers throughout her career have already begun to be realized. She loves being a REALTOR. She has helped her buyers and sellers with short sales, investments,  bank owned properties, estate sales and regular sales. She is enthusiastic about developing, building and maintaining relationships with all of her customers. Her ideals include a great respect for family values. This gives her motivation to enhance the quality of life a family experiences by putting them into the home of their dreams. There is no greater reward than knowing you were personally instrumental in the process.

Virginia is a 2nd generation REALTOR®. She is a member of the Granite State South Board of REALTORS®, the National Association of REALTORS®, the Great Hudson Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Hudson Business Networkers. She enjoys spending her spare time camping, swimming, painting ceramics, making crafts, biking, hiking, cooking, baking and spending time with her family and friends.


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